6 Most common Web hosting mistakes to avoid

To have an online business involves lots of decisions to grow and to keep on track. It doesn’t really have an end.

One decision that can make you sweat is to choose web hosting for your website. Sometimes, having plenty of choices to pick from can be overwhelming. Tricky promotions and overestimated features can blurry your vision.

Take a look at these 6 most common web hosting mistakes to avoid.

To choose the wrong type of web hosting

Types of hosting include shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud hosting, etc. There are significant differences among them. Prices and resources obviously vary.

Shared hosting is a basic alternative, low price or even free. You share hardware and resources with many other websites. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosts your website in an individual virtual server dedicated resources, just for you. This expands your possibilities because you shared hardware but not the software. 

With a dedicated server, you have a complete server at your disposal. All resources are exclusively for your website.

Cloud hosting is similar to VPS, but instead of one server, you have a network of servers for hosting you.

Not to check the web hosting provider’s reputation

You need a reliable provider and a suitable plan for your real business needs. Not all providers offer trustability, quality, and support in case of a failure. 

A mistaken decision can mean low-quality resources affecting your website’s performance, constant downtime, limitations for managing big loads of traffic, inflated costs for big plans you really don’t need. Check if they offer guarantees. Read reviews. Other users’ opinions are a useful compass.

To choose web hosting in the wrong country

The servers’ location is a must to check. It’s not enough to get an ideal price, storage, bandwidth… All those features won’t please your target/s if your website is hosted far away from them. A website hosted in the USA, targeting Asian consumers, will take longer than desired for being loaded by clients in Asia.

Besides, tax policies are different among countries. Usually, all web hosting prices include VAT (value-added tax), but by getting the service in the country, your business is, you can deduct and save some money.

To buy blindly “unlimited resources”

Almost in every web hosting provider’s website, the word “unlimited” for storage, bandwidth, and other resources brights attractively. 

The reality is there’s a limit. Especially if you get shared hosting, remember all hosted sites share the resources. Even while getting VPS, the “unlimited” word must be considered, especially if its presence increases the price. Your site won’t share resources, but in general, hardware and software for sure have a limit, and that is distributed among all the sites.

To give security for granted

Your business’ security always has to be enhanced. Even today’s most robust system won’t be enough in the future. Threats evolve and are more dangerous. To get web hosting doesn’t mean security is guaranteed. 

See what the hosting provider offers and take additional measures if needed.

To sign without checking policies carefully

To read and clarify legal terms, time and conditions stated on policies can be annoying, but it’s absolutely necessary. Not to check properly information related to prices, refunds, migration to a different plan (upgrading features or downgrading) or provider, guarantees, customer support, extra costs, cancellation, etc., can drive you to a dead end. 

Guarantees are essential to know how reliable services or features are. You need a provider who takes responsibility if needed.


It’s a complex task but don’t worry. There’s a way to navigate these rough waters without drowning safely. Stay stick to the real needs of your business!

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