What is GeoDNS, and how does it work?

In different contexts, time is a factor in evaluating efficiency. But perhaps the Internet is the ultimate expression of that. The process of requesting a website and waiting for it to be loaded takes milliseconds. But if something delays it a bit, three-second waiting can be a reason for clients to abandon your website.

Website owners constantly deal with the time factor. The fast resolution, high speed, up-time are permanently on their priority list. If that’s your case, too, GeoDNS can be the solution.

What is GeoDNS?

Geographical Domain Name System (GeoDNS) is an efficient process for distributing traffic. It operates through attending requests by location. It is also known as global traffic director or traffic director.

GeoDNS really optimizes traffic to domains, and it is also a reliable choice for load balancing. Through its use, problems get reduced, and networks boosted.

Big loads of traffic demand big solutions. If you have an international business, you should definitely consider GeoDNS. It will supply you with all necessary name servers located in strategic points of the planet to suit your needs and markets.

How does GeoDNS work?

First of all, GeoDNS is possible thanks to large networks with enough servers to cover large regions, different continents, or the whole world.

DNS resolution process is the way for your domain name to be found and load for people. Everything starts with users requesting domain names through their browsers. The requests will go to DNS servers. If you have GeoDNS set up, those servers will check users’ IP addresses in order to get the place where such requests were generated. 

After, they will check locations on a database to define the server that can answer faster. Every server of the same domain name has a different IP address. This really powers the speed. Traditional DNS servers (without GeoDNS) use the same IP address for a domain (Anycast, for example). 

GeoDNS defines the route, and requests are directed to the closest server to their location.

Why use GeoDNS?

Setting GeoDNS up, starts a benefits’ domino effect for your business.

It takes longer to explain this process than the time it actually takes to run. Very few seconds are needed, especially if there’s no problem on the way to load a website for a German user, an Asian, or an American one. And that is the daily challenge, to reduce as much as possible the waiting time (latency) for users’ requests to be attended.


  • GeoDNS’ configuration is not too complex.
  • Manage traffic is easier and offers more choices. Traffic can be directed to a local state or a different country by installing some records on the DNS control panel.
  • You will finally avoid congestion on those specific network points where you have jam issues. 
  • Daily tasks and maintenance won’t disrupt the service, the website’s availability. To shut down a couple of servers to update them or change them is not a problem. You have plenty of choices to re-direct the traffic and to attend to all requests. 
  • GeoDNS is a great tool for establishing limits or breaking them to access the content. If you want people to access your content no matter their location, you can do it. If it’s better for your Marketing strategy to open such access little by little, country by country, continent by continent, you can configure it.
  • You will get higher speed, 100% uptime, faster response and loading time, better SEO.


GeoDNS is a great tool to fight latency back. It improves the DNS resolution process’s speed and efficiency. It makes the whole experience for users more comfortable. And that is key to increase profits and succeeding! 

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